“Brad recently addressed my real estate team at our annual meeting. Many of the people in the group, including myself, had worked with Brad at some time over the last several years, but until he spoke before us we really did not know the "real" Brad Israel. We knew the intelligent, hard working, personable Brad but had no idea about the situations this man has endured in his young life. Brad had my team's full attention with his accounts and recollections of his service tours, but most importantly he drove home the importance of teamwork and trust in your leadership, your peers, and your subordinates as the key to success and sometimes, survival. I can say without question, after listening to Brad, we all developed a different perspective on true commitment and that can only drive each of us toward greater success not only in our careers, but in our day to day lives.

Dollar Tree

Bruce A. Walters

Senior Vice President, Real Estate and Construction