Beard Equipment, A Great Place to Work!

I got to spend the last few weeks listening and learning from the leadership at Beard Equipment, one of the largest John Deere Equipment distributors. It was inspiring to hear from a company that is doing things right! While we can always improve on our processes and strategies to outperform our competition and take better and better care of our people, it was reassuring to know that they recognize the power within each individual of their team and how important it is to invest in these individuals.

After speaking to the sales team in Tallahassee, I quickly learned that this was reciprocated and the salesmen and managers are bought in to the company and the leadership. This is a group that CARES, and they will continue to rise to the top year after year so long as they stay the course, do not get complacent, and continue to be intentional with self-discipline in everything that they do. THANK YOU BEARD EQUIPMENT, yet another example of how I get more out of it than I give.

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