Faces of the Future

The Struggle for the Next Generation in 

Paktika Province, Afghanistan

“Faces of the Future” is a photography book from Brad’s first rotation to Afghanistan while with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (ABCT).  It is a remarkable tribute to recognize all the incredible supporters back in the United States that consistently sent care packages for Brad’s men as well as the Afghan children and local populace.  This amazing act of kindness enabled Brad’s Infantry Platoons to build superior relationships with the locals and kept them grounded with a sense of humanity while in a constant combat zone.

“Through the photos, the photo captions, and the longer paragraphs on several pages, one begins to realize the positive impact that good soldiers can have on the people they are there to protect and defend.” 

- Patricia Mackenzie

- Patricia Mackenzie

"It has been over 70 days of no showers, no electricity, and no communication with the outside world. We were fully immersed, we knew the culture, we knew how to fight, and we knew how to win, most importantly, we knew how to build relationships and gain trust"

- Brad Israel

Faces of the Future

"Faces of the Future" by Brad Israel is available on Amazon.