Decorated Army Officer, Brad Israel is passionate about values based & servant leadership and how it enables personal and corporate growth.




Through public speaking and corporate consulting, FM Solutions offers insights, perspective and parallels to connect with clients so the leadership vision and motivation remain clear.



FM Solutions has successfully influenced and encouraged growth for individuals and corporate teams since 2014. Find out what people are saying.

What to Expect

Each session or engagement is about what YOU want to get out of it.  This is an accountability metric to help drive you towards defined goals. Brad offers insights, perspective, and parallels to connect with the client so the leadership vision and motivation remain clear. He also helps uncover blind spots so you can identify and be mindful of how others react to your personality or leadership style. 


At FM Solutions, it is our belief that engaging and thought-provoking questions help the individual form better self-awareness and begin to understand the WHY behind their purpose and passion. Once you commit to self-growth, you can begin to truly develop others within your sphere of influence and make a positive impact in their lives.


Brad continues to help define the roles, responsibilities, and the process within a team so clarity and communication can flourish and the organization can grow into a cohesive unit with limitless potential. The shared values within any corporation or group are what keep them intact for a sustainable and healthy future.


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